Blog2006 ≫ Too hungover to weblog yesterday

Feeling fresher today just about, let me get my gripe of the day out of the way first though. Today's train had the most annoying conductor on it, he just LOVED the sound of his own voice and I think he thought he was Bruce Forsyth, he announced everything every few minutes and repeated it several times in a new order

"This train calls at Folkestone West, Sandling, Westenhanger, Ashford International, Ashford International, Westenhanger, Sandling, Folkestone West this train calls at, good game, good game", "A trolley service is available, available a trolley service is, alright my loves?" "Do you want to beat me to death yet, beat me to death yet do you?"

The little rolling screens and gentle feminine voiced announcements haven't worked properly on those trains for months, wish they'd just fix them. Right, anyone who's still there WELL DONE, on to tales of the weekend... Emma came down to stay, so Friday night was spent just catching up and watching TV (including Curse of the Were-Rabbit1), but Saturday turned into a proper session. Chambers for lunch, then back there for the evening, several pints and then back to ours for darts, pool, dancing, everything. OK no actual dancing I don't think, but I'd imagine the neighbours weren't loving us in the early hours. Great weekend, just slobbed all day Sunday with hangovers and tiredness. Great chilli for tea, including for the first time home made tortilla chips.

A couple of stories from The Currant Bun2 of all places, something or other about the nme awards here3, not that they're fixed (as godlike genius is not voted by the readers) but that it's not just decided by the godlike geniusness of the recipient. Don't suppose they'll have to pull this one like that Londonist blogging site did. Also, George Michaels what have you been up to3? See also all the other papers4... We're buying The Telegraph5 this week, there's some sort of Eurostar offer going on. They do have an article about Avril Lavigne6 though;

My old songs just felt so dark. I was like, I'm not feeling this any more

Hmm yes, Sk8r Boi1 could have been straight off The Holy Bible1 dear... Trying out some new styling on the blog, so while that little quote paragraph (just [ quote ] [ /quote ] BBCode style) is currently just italics, I'm going to have a go at making it work like the pullquotes on sites like onionbagblog.com7. Stay tuned!

Rah, my phone is found again! I'm not going to bother collecting it just yet though, just like David Seaman's skating partner it's probably relishing the rest.

Been a quiet week on the site, but then I had a load of messages left at the weekend, which is nice - if you're out there, leave a message just to say hi.

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