Blog2012 ≫ Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Burger and potato wedges for tea today, a diet month treat. Just made some guacamole from this recipe, think the chillis I used were a bit hot though. It is delicious but spicier than guacamole ought to be... The recipe is from the Hairy Bikers1 trip to Mexico apparently.

Went in to Folkestone today just to get food for tonight and drop off some charity contributions. Feels good to be clearing out a bit.

Now if I'm detoxing the house too, then can the house do some of my month free of booze for me? How many days can I claim back for each bag of stuff that goes to the charity shop?

Clare is just booking the Wednesday quiz at The Britannia, how will we do that without drinking? Sitting in the pub all night, with a coke? Really?

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