Blog2008 ≫ ho ho ho very festive weekender

Started our weekend at the Christmas of Sorts night at the Whole World Cafe, it was GREAT, though the lady running the cafe was as unwelcoming as ever, perhaps it's her style... The band playing (more of a collective really) were great, I was expecting something folky, but It was more acoustic, popular songs and things, all change instruments and share the vocals and that. BIZARRE highlight of the evening was a song I don't know called "I Am Skeletor" though.

Saturday, Canterbury, got all the rest of our shopping and things out of the way and then went for a brilliant christmas dinner at Canterbury Wholefoods. Good day of shopping, was busy about the place but not too cold at least. Home for a night in, watched a couple of good films, Ghost Town1 (available now on import1) starring Ricky Gervais, really very good indeed, I thought it might be a bit ropey, him being a romantic lead in a hollywood movie, but it really is great. It's him, playing himself again, but I can't get enough of that. Watch it. Also The Other Boleyn Girl1, a bit miserable in parts and a little bit imaginative with established historical fact but good too. And filmed locally I think.

Sunday, more shopping, got our groceries and went to Ashford outlet centre, I even got myself some new things to wear, possibly the very first things this year... I just remembered I had a new years resolution not to buy any new clothes this year, ah well I wasn't too excessive. Also wrapped our presents, that was a boring chore but it's done now.

Ooh, won an auction at last, not the XBox I am after, but a Habitat Radius wardrobe. Off to Dagenham tomorrow to collect it... We were after buying another one of these new, and have got it half price instead, hope it's OK. I won't talk you through the whole bidding process stage by stage, he rolled a four and a two, I rolled a five and a three, but it was quite interest. In the final few hours the price had been settled, so I just went plus ten pounds (the next bidding increment) to see if anyone was still in. Instantly I am outbid by one more increment, so I left it until the dying minute of the auction. I thought, I want this, so put in quite a high max bid, expecting the price to go up to and over it. If I don't get it, I'm going to make sure the person who does pays a lot for it... and... nothing. My bid went up only to the next increment, and then no more bids. So I got a good deal (I think) much less than I was prepared to pay, NICE!

I would put more links to similar furniture up here on ebay, but I'm still not allowed back into their affiliate scheme. So I won't bother.

Also watched episode two of Wallander, that was very good, better than the first one. One more to watch, hope they make more. That is up there with House1 and Life1 as my favourite TV shows of the moment.

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