Blog2005 ≫ The right carriage!

Went for carriage number one today on our little commute from Folkestone to Charing Cross, and it was just great. Seems to be the carriage of choice for the professional commuter, so the tables were already bagsed, but everyone was silent, either sleeping or engrossed in an improving book or quality daily.

Took a stroll down to Folkestone snooker club last night before Property Ladder, to get Jimmy White tickets. He's coming to Folkestone and playing against the Malteser Tony Drago. I will miss it as I'm at the Rugby, but Clare is excited about it.

This week's Property Ladder1 was good, that house was quite fab for only 40k, being on three levels like that. Think they were quite lucky not to lose a fortune with their wacky ideas. I thought this series might be one like trail of misery, as on previous shows the amateur developers only seem to have been saved by booming property prices, now seemingly over...

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