Blog2005 ≫ So ebay's pulling the Live 8 tickets

Why are they doing it so begrudgingly this time when they've pulled Glastonbury tickets no problem before now? Obviously this action alone won't stop people trading their tickets outside of Ebay, even (gasp) in the real world. There are still requests for live 8 tickets on ebay1, "please contact me" "will pay" etc, so the tickets are still being traded really.

As it's about raising money and not awareness this time, these extra column inches have helped more than hindered Saint Bob's campaign. Could it have been planned better? What's next then? Possibly an announcement about a duet between Michael Jackson and someone else, say Gary Glitter? More press, decision reversed, life goes on.

Nice snooze on the train today, it helps having a dull book to read2. Actually it's not that bad, but I am really turning the pages slowly.

Done me some more Javascript, pretty pleased with the amazon selecter (which you can't see), I will be expanding it when I get time.

Crappy day today in London, it was tropical when we left Folkestone though, ah the sartorial dilemmas of a long commute.

js: Programming language of the internets, mostly how I make my living.

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