Blog2006 ≫ Sofa not so good

Our new sofa is not arriving tomorrow now, I think they just realised about the clash with the football... so, rearranged for Tuesday which is the only day they will do, and it's not terribly convenient for us :-( Still, means the footie, and our lunch out in Sandgate won't be disrupted, got a couple of friends visiting this weekend, and things will be GREAT! It's going to be a good weekend for showing Folkestone off at it's best I think, though one of the visiting chums is originally from here, and the other is originally from Southend so the sea and the sunshine will be no novelty to them. Today is looking good already, the office is dead quiet (I suspect there will be one or two bunking off to watch Argentina v Germany), and I have a little lunch meeting, where I will be given weasel related GIFTS! Yes, I scored some free weasel coffee1 - coffee beans as pooed out by wild weasels...?

If you go down to the beach today... LOOK OUT! A girl's body washed up on Folkestone beach overnight, most likely it was someone last seen swimming, and she got into difficulties, how sad.

On a brighter note, good luck today Joel Freeland of Fareham2 in being picked in the NBA draft, this will make him a very rich man says the Telegraph3, crikey. I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, etc.

Bah, family tree main page is blank, what have I broken now? Sorry Dad. See more ancient scans, while you're waiting for me to fix it, while you're waiting for me to fix it. Also, let's throw some lovely (randomly rotating) beach related pictures as it's so sunny:

[nope all those pictures are gone now]

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