Shopping centre for sale, one careful owner

FG ≫ 2009 ≫ Shopping centre for sale, one careful owner

A local freesheet reports that Bouverie Place is up for sale. Thirty million apparently, though in the current climate I expect you could easily go in with twenty five million cash.

Same paper also says the secret bunkers under Waterstones are effectively up for grabs - the Guildhall Street store is closing on Valentines day, 14th February. I understood the reason this store was to stay open along with the ex Ottakers store on Sandgate Road was because Waterstones used it as a national storage centre for Important Stuff. There are supposedly serious secure underground storage beneath the shop, some kind of hangover from when this was the town hall, and possible related to the jail cells that I think used to be under there.

Someone correct me if I'm getting this completely wrong...

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