Blog2006 ≫ Poor old Fareham

This property hotspot list from The Independent is a bit harsh I feel. Not just that there's no room for Folkestone in their top ten, fair enough, but:

At the bottom of the pile, in dismal 1,833rd place, is Fareham - the small town on the north-west tip of Portsmouth harbour, plagued with high crime and unemployment.

Ah but Sarah Beeny says it's too late for you to get a bargain in the places at the top of their list:

"Where people get most value for money is in places that aren't fashionable at the moment," said Ms Beeny.

So maybe good [Folkestone news]( after all...

Weekend, good, went out for dinner at a restaurant we'd been afeared to go back to, and it was really really good, I'm very pleased it has improved so. Also went to a NUNNERY, to visit Clare's gran, she's there on a short holiday. Also, erk, my own Nan has to have a hip replaced, that doesn't sound fun.

Ooh, also from The Indie,'70s aftershaves are making a comeback, time to ebay my carefully preserved "Hai Karate" box set? I also have some Brut too. Will trade for Harry Clarke original sketches. A pencil study, possibly by him, on ebay...

20k: Twenty kilometres, about twelve miles.

💬 Brut?

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