Blog2018 ≫ Yes it would change on the Saturday

Saturday night we rolled around Folkestone, mostly the Harbour Arm, snacking as we went. We did not have an organised lunch. We went in Steep Street Cafe, I like it there, but we did seem to retrace our steps quite a lot. We must have walked past Shane Record's gallery five or six times.

Saturday night Mum and Dad babysat for us so Clare and I could go out together, a very rare treat indeed. I do go out most weeks, and Clare goes out most weeks, but we rarely go out together. We booked into Dr Legumes, but went out early so we had time for a couple of drinks before going in. We went to the Harbour Arm, had one outside but it was a little breezey, and then followed that with one inside from the Waiting Room.

Then on to our splendid Dr Legumes meal. It's all small plates, sort of tapas I suppose? Big fancy vegan things though, and we had quite a lot really, so much I can't remember it all. There was a "cheese" pie special, then you order all the other things by numbers and ingredients, the dishes did not have names that were written down anyway. I will be back with more details of this, I took a picture of the menu to help me remember it.

After we headed to the Bouverie Tap on Bouverie Road West, which I'd been meaning to try for ages. I remember this place when it was a restaurant, (I remembered us walking out of it once) now I'm not quite sure what it is. It's a small bar, but not a micropub. It did not quite grab me.

After to the Radnor Arms, a very swanky new place in what was the Happy Frenchman. Clare had been the night before, and found it to be nice, but very expensive for the area. We found it NOT WELCOMING, we were turned away on arrival, it's closing apparently, at about 9.30. However we were bellowed in by some old friends and neighbours who insisted we join them, and they bought our drinks. They know the owner (also the owner of the Five Bells and other swanky establishments). Very kind of them, very generous to buy the drinks at those prices.

We got a taxi home. I never get taxis home, but it's how Clare rolls.

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