Weekend roundup

Weekend roundup

Keppel's Bar was very nice last Thursday, a real surprise, we'll definitely be back there again. They had live jazz in there that night (and every Thursday), a quiz on Friday that we couldn't go to, and other music nights, as well as all the events that make up Folkestone Literary Festival. There's an open fire, a real bar selling real ale, it's a really nice place.

On the subject of the literary festival, Clare and I are off with her dad to a talk by Andrew Davies, who is king of the costume drama TV adaptation, and I may try and fit in a few more.

The rest of the weekend was a bit full, Friday started out with a meal round Dean's for Dom's birthdya. For some reason we deserted the meal, and then headed off to a pub to play pool, and then off to a nightclub, where we all got separated and I'm a bit unclear as to the next few hours, except I ended up at home without my shoes. Saturday was a gentle recovery, and then off to the comedy club. The compere was rubbish, though the comedians were OK. No sign of the promised chap from Balamory, nor Stephen Carlin, we had a starter of Lloyd someone from Wales, and then a double helping of comediennes instead. Women are not usually as funny, but these were good. Cherry Green was a bit awkward, seemed to be swearing to try and fit in and it felt a bit clumsy, but the replacement headliner (she had red hair and was from Australia, that's the best I can do) was very good.

Sunday, mostly sat in front of the TV, how about you?

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Mon Oct 23 2006

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