Blog2006 ≫ Lovely day today

Super bright on leaving Folkestone, just so sunny as to be unreal. Very cold though, and only going to get colder this week. Could see lots of stars clearly from bed last night (through the open blinds, no missing roof or anything) so it's possibly right about a clear night leading to cold day then.

Woo, see my latest search results following The Sandgate Hotel being on TV last night: sandgate hotel sale, sandgate hotel kent, sandgate hotel in kent, is the sandgate hotel up for sale, rent property in folkestone, clarendon inn, sandgate kent hotels, hotel... bring it on, great to have a bit of interest in the area!

Signal failure at Sevenoaks, and congestion at London Bridge (or was it the other way round) led to us being FIFTY MINUTES late on the way in today - was all extra sleeping time though, and better than being that late home to be honest.

Got some cheating going on on popex, it's been going on for ages but I've always given the benefit of the doubt... time now to be closing accounts! Also,

get my name off the internet


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