Rubbish things

Rubbish things

Just looking for the receipts for our wedding rings so I could go and pick them up and realised I've left them in Folkestone, so it will have to wait until next week... while looking I found tickets for the Children of the Tsunami gig in my jacket though. I thought I sent these back, the gig was cancelled so I was due a refund. NO, I must have sent off tickets for the forthcoming Wedding Present gig instead! Also while I was out getting lunch I got a samosa, and they gave me a meat one by mistake, I took a bite and am feeling queasy now. AND Thunderbird won't work properly within our offices, was hoping to dump Outlook once and for all. AND I'm going round and round in circles trying to install mod_perl on the popex server.

On the upside, it's nearly hometime, and it's still light. SPRING is HERE!

UPDATE: And now I got mod_perl working... time to SUPERCHARGE popex.

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Mon Mar 14 2005

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