Blog2008 ≫ Boo, pissed off

Just had our viewing of the house we were going to see tomorrow cancelled, the vendors have received a full asking price offer yesterday. We hadn't seen this house yet (apart from online1), it was right on the street with no real garden to speak of, and it was over budget, but we'd been building it up in our minds as [em]the[/em] house (and not just because of it's location between The Dolphin and Simple Simon's). And now it's gone!

It's really weird seeing the housing market from two sides at once, every place we're interested in sells immediately at the asking price, nothing's hanging around for long, but compare and contrast that with the experience of the inlaws. They've been trying to sell since the summer, their buyer has been messing them about delaying things and haggling bits off the price, and eventually the sale has fallen through, very distressing. How is it they can be told there are no buyers and prices are fallling, and we're being told there are no houses and prices are rocketing? It makes no sense.

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