Blog2006 ≫ Ticket to Rye

we are going to Rye on Saturday, for an afternoon / evening, a look round, drinks, dinner and that... Will make a nice change, and we're going by train, so can relax (ie get boozed up). On the way back because of the way the trains work out we either have to go for a drink or two in Ashford OR we have to sit for 40 minutes at the station... Could get a cab back from there, but "doing" Ashford will make a change too.

New game, Pid1 says:

seen this2? i think they're using it as a trend indicator

It's like3

but even more nerdy. Actually now I see the hurricanes on the markets I realise I've seen it before... maybe it was an earlier version of this, where it was about news generally and not technology? Or maybe I am mental and this is proper old. I'm signed up anyway, and I got "pauly" as a username this time, this is very rare with American things so maybe it is new... Not sure there's enough "new" technology on there though. In other Yahoo news, they've just taken over Babelfish4 from Altavista, and they released their own dvr software5. Are you getting worried Google?

I'm going bbcode6 crazy now, I'm dropping in tags all over the place and I'm going to improve this interface to make it easier for other people too.

Weather: nice in Folkestone today, not as nice in London.

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