Blog2005 ≫ Thursday: Day of disappointments

Three pains in the arse yesterday. Firstly Sky came round to install Sky+, and then went away again saying they can't do it as they don't think we own the wall where they need to put the dish. SO, got a letter from the chair of the freeholding company to say it's cool, and they will have to come back. ALSO heard back from the company we were going to order the pool table from, and although they charged for delivery and then again for installation, they say they will leave the table on the ground floor. Our flat's on the second floor, not sure the people downstairs would appreciate it. So, today we're ordering the pool table from Kingswood Leisure1. It's going to be 255Kg2, so finding someone to install it in our second floor flat has bumped the price up, but it's still less than I thought they'd be when I first started looking...

Was expecting 3 disappointments out of 3, as our carpet was being fitted. Will they have laid the wrong carpet? In the wrong room? The wrong way up? On the walls? No David J Payne saw us alright, we're complying with our lease at last!

Been reading a rubbish book too "Robinson Crusoe" by good old Stokey boy Daniel Defoe. Were there no spell-checkers in the 17th century? Haven't enjoyed it much, so have given it up. On to Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone3 now, which is very good, reads like a Sherlock Holmes so far... Also very good, got given the promo for Red, White and CRUE3 today, it's another greatest hits from Motley Crue, ACE!

Hmm, still slightly TORN between pool table colours, will fake beech look more rubbish than fake mahogany? The most rubbish look would be a squished downstairs neighbour through a pool table shaped whole in our floor, I hope the flat can cope with the weight. It's only like four people my size doing a conga, if the floor can't cope with that then I can't be expected to take responsibility...

5k: Five kilometres, about three miles in old money.

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