Blog2007 ≫ Tracey Emin will be scattering childrens clothes around our town

Read more about the Folkestone triennial, sounds interesting... Always good to get a mention in the press, even if they do highlight how run down Folkestone has been recently. Also, who is the ex Iron Maidener who lives in the town? Aha, wikipedia says this about Thunderstick:

Thunderstick (aka Barry Graham or Barry Purkis) was a drummer for the English heavy metal band Iron Maiden briefly in 1977. He was later in the band Samson. He wore a mask onstage much like a professional wrestler and sometimes played inside a cage. His stint in Maiden was left notoriously short due to him being incapable of playing properly while intoxicated (at one show he actually fell asleep during a song).

Hmm, he was in Iron Maiden very briefly a long time ago. I do have info about [fg=samson]Samson playing in Folkestone[/fg], in theFolkestone gig history section...

💬 Frank Skinner

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