Blog2006 ≫ I'm a morning person!!!!

Who was that clown on the train this morning - was it you? He was muttering to himself when there was no-one to talk to, and as soon as anyone sat near him hi gibbered and chattered and got them talking too... this disturbed my sleep. If you're on the train again tomorrow, I might have to kill you.

Weekend, nice, mostly lazy though. Amazingly I've done not much more than watch TV for the last 72 hours, and yet saw no Big Brother. The darts was exciting, has Jelle Klassen heralded in a new new era of young and thin darts players? Also watched and enjoyed (thought it clashed a bit) [abe]Johnny and the Bomb[/abe], an adaptation of a Terry Pratchett children's book. Just finished reading his latest too Thud1. Didn't like it as first, seemed like some pretty slack racial stereotyping to me, but by the end it all comes around. Now onto the new Raymond E Feist1, which I also got for Christmas.

Broke parts of the site earlier, by trying to block people who are spamming the gig listings with links to unrelated sites. Getting back on my feet now though!

Distractions for the day are this streaming media device2, could be watching movies / TV direct from the PC, like a cheapo version of the media centre. That reminds me, got a new episode of Lost to watch tonight, and also the very last episode of Firefly. We've both really enjoyed that and will be getting Serenity1. Also currently watching The Mighty Boosh1 (ace) and Charmed1 (less so).

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