Blog2008 ≫ Canterbury, but not house hunting

Not a bad weekend. Started on a bum note, with a death, my sister's ma-in-law passed away unexpectedly on Friday, so thoughts with all the families involved obviously. Saturday we stayed local, didn't go to Canterbury as Clare was having lunch with her mum and I was staying in listening to Lost podcasts. Saturday night we went to The Famous Ship Inn for the first time in ages, Stuart the landlord tried to talk us into coming back to the Tuesday quiz again but I don't feel like going out in the week really. A nice evening was had anyway.

Sunday we went to Canterbury. Well, it didn't feel right not going. We were trying to think of something interesting to do, somewhere different to go, maybe visit a castle or a stately home or something. We were geed up by this big day out thing, and did browse all the venues listed there but nowhere's open this early in the year. So, Canterbury, plenty of museums and fun, plus lunch and bars and things, we went there.


As it turns out, all the museums and things in Canterbury are closed on Sunday too, even St Thomas' Hospital1, which we've been meaning to have a look at for ages. Still, we walked around, and had some lunch and things it was nice. The walking around and things were nice, the lunch not so. We did Caffe Uno, only because we'd like to have an informed opinion on everywhere, I really wasn't expecting much from it and it didn't disappoint. Will write up properly on Folkestone RestauRANTS, I hope Clare will chip in too. After lunch we went to Caffe Venezia2, which was much better, it's just a cafe really but it felt like a cafe on a holiday.

When we got back to Folkestone, we decided to carry on, and went to The Office and Chambers. The quiz was on, not many people there, but still we did awfully so left before the end. Out on a Sunday night, what's that all about?

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