Blog2005 ≫ Up to my elbows in computer bits

Fitted the new hard drive to the computer, though not got windows recognising it yet... got that final piece of missing info today, so by tonight I should have 120gig of space, rapidly being filled up with downloaded content! FINALLY I can backup my ipod.

NICE weekend, catching up on sleeping, that extra hour came in proper handy... Friday we took a rare weekday journey to the pub, Chambers in fact, just for a cheeky couple of pints. Saturday we made more of an expedition of it, to Canterbury on a bit of a crawl and for a curry. Canterbury is not as nice at night as it is in the day - the tourists disappear, but all the students come out. Still there are some good pubs. Can't remember the names of any of those we went to know though. The curry was up at Jalsha in Wincheap, the food was good and hot but the service was slow.

Congrats to Andy and Hazel for their super weekend news, as details are up on Flickr now I'm guessing all the right people know about this. Also congrats to flatmate Emma on the safe arrival of her new baby IPOD video. Ah bless!

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