Nice one Neil!

FG ≫ 2005 ≫ Nice one Neil!

Looks like Folkestone Invicta made it into the FA Cup... This update from

Club Secretary Neil Pilcher, has advised the following admission prices for the Chester game and that entry tickets will be available on match day : Adult Covered Standing 13, Concessions 8, U16's 5. Seated area 15, 10 and 6.

If a replay is required this will be on MONDAY 14th November ko 7.45pm.

We will be playing in our usual Black/Amber stripes.

Don't forget that we have two away fixtures to negotiate before our big day, see below, we'll all be very pleased to see you.

25.10.05 RP Worthing FC v Invicta 7.30pm 29.10.05 RP Fisher Athletic v Invicta 3pm 05.11.05 FAC 1R Chester City v Invicta 3pm

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