Blog2008 ≫ Got my Folkestone Literary Festival tickets

We're off to talks by [abe]David Starkey[/abe] and [abe]Susie Dent[/abe], and I've also ended up with one for Sandi Toksvig. Clare was meant to be going with her Mum, but they've double booked. There are more things I'm tempted to go to, but it would mean going out on a school night... [abe]Alex Horne[/abe] and [abe]Dan Antopolski[/abe] are doing the comedy night at the Leas Club, and [abe]John O'Farrell[/abe] is also doing something. Good to have so much to choose from.

More on [fg]Folkestone Literary Festival[/fg] at

Very busy at work right now, I worked yesterday evening and was in early today but it all worked out and I was rewarded with champagne for helping get Easyjet parking out on schedule.

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