Blog2012 ≫ Stewart Lee was very good

Stewart Lee is always very good, this was no exception, it was great. I love his "this is not for you, please don't come again" stuff, seemingly trying to drive his audience away, and I the "jungle canyon rope bridge" material too.

Good also to see Emma, we all went for a lovely dinner at Strada, and we went to a brilliant pub The Harp, CAMRA's national pub of the year. Great range of ales and ciders, I sampled quite a few. First time I'd been there I think, very handy for Charing Cross too, I'm glad I looked it up.

Did a lot of walking yesterday, got over 10,000 steps that day. Thought we'd do more today, walking to the in-laws to collect the boy and have lunch, but it only made about 5000 steps. Went swimming after lunch, very briefly indeed. Went to Folkestone pool, no slides or anything not much to keep the boy interested so he wanted to get out fairly quickly. Suited me.

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