Riverford Organic cookery demonstration at Number 11

FG ≫ 2010 ≫ Riverford Organic cookery demonstration at Number 11

We at Number Eleven have teamed up with Riverford Organic vegetables to bring you an exciting cookery demonstration on Tuesday 27th April from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Riverford are award winning organic vegetable growers and they run a box scheme in our area. A Riverford Cook, Mark Bader, will be demonstrating easy vegetable based meals using the best of this season's vegetables.

The price is 7.50 per head which includes your first glass of wine, with any profits going to charity. The evening will include sampling the delicious dishes that Mark will be preparing as well as having the chance to chat and hopefully get some useful recipe tips. We will provide copies of all the recipes used for you to try at home and you'll have the opportunity to order some wonderful organic produce to be delivered straight to your door. Why not invite a friend, make an evening of it and be inspired to eat more healthily.

For tickets please contact Douglas or Frances on 01303 259535 or e-mail us on info@numberelevenfolkestone.co.uk. Spaces are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.

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