Blog2004 ≫ Big knobs

Who'd have believed something so ace could come out of Cheriton of all places? As part of our "Clare's bro is visiting from The Colonies" celebrations at the weekend, we had an ace curry from Cheriton Balti and Tandoori, really very good indeed. Someone's given me a menu this morning for The Red Rose Tandoori that has the proud claim "Best Indian Restaurant in the UK" as voted by The Darkness. Love on the Rocks with pilau rice indeed. Also ate at Paul's, also very good. Also had two barbecues, and one big grill-up of all the leftover things we bought for the barbies.

Why the subject line? I get in at the beginning of every week and try and document what happened and I always think "I know, I'll use Weekender as a title", so this week I will be using the headline to describe my delight at one of the parts of the flat, it's the big brass door knobs on all the internal doors. Little details like this further add to my suspicion that the place was once a school, I will be probing local history experts for more info. Got lots of pictures online, I will filter them and put them up...

Our first nights in the new place were nice, not much in the way of furnishings in there yet, but we have nice new bedding and we could just about scrape together a cup of tea so we were OK. Got some more bills to sort out, turns I am serviced by two different water companies, one that giveth, one that taketh away.

No visit to Folkestone would be complete without a trip to Chambers, we managed two this weekend, one brief stop to play pool, post shopping, and a few pints on Sunday night when "The Acoustic Beatles" were playing, the music and beer combination was most entertaining. And if you're looking for further poptabulousness, Eamon is playing Folkestone Leas Cliff Hall as part of a short UK tour.

Also Happy Birthday Dad, I remember writing that here last year too. Also ACHOO - hay fever is back with a vengeance.

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