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⬆️Folkestone weekender

The cafe that was the highlight of my weekend is called Fig1, and is in the Metropole Hotel (not actually a hotel any more) and it's all vegan and organic and everything. I doubt that the area has seen such a thing before, and our lunch was so good (I had cashew roast and baked potato and everyone else had "cheese" "burger", all with salad and fresh smoothies and then ACE deserts - 07786 666 829 for reservations / info closed now :-() that it made me think of forsaking Stokey immediately and moving to Folkestone2. The main thing holding me back is that it's a bit of a bugger of a commute, but it looks like property there might be a better investment than it is up here at the moment. Things like the events mentioned in the mag, and the cafe made me think that Folkestone could measure up nicely to Stokey or Brighton or similar "would like to live in" areas, and the new high speed rail link makes it a viable place to commute to London from.

I really don't want to be saying any of this before I've built myself a nest down there though really, as prices will soon soar out of control. It's not cheap there, but compared to other places in Kent and London I've been looking over in property guides, there's still a chance to get on the ladder with a garden and spare bedrooms and cat swinging (and possibly pool cueing?) space and all the other unattainable luxuries we dream of in London.

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