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Been away for the weekend, not running and hiding in fear, we went to a fabulous wedding up in Oxford. Got The Oxford Tube there late on Friday as we were already booked onto it, and it was alright. Comfortable enough and only 15 quid for an open return to London. Not sure how that compares with a train ticket travelling at rush hour, but I know we paid A MINT to get to the stag do down in Exeter. Weren't sure where our hotel would be in relation to the coach stop, but as it turns out it overlooked the coach station... it's a bar-cum-hostel type setup, and looked a bit dodgy on the way in, but it was fine, we had an en suite and all facilities. Were heading to Freud for night before the wedding drinks, and that was luckily a short walk for us. It was a bit wanky, but nice enough in a converted church kind of way. Bar staff were very slow.

The wedding was fabulous. It was at The Crazy Bear in Oxfordshire somewhere, the weather was great, we had lots ot eat and drink and also some dancing apparently. I will have to have words with the guests there who're also coming to ours, asking them not to compare the two out loud... MJ Hibbett and the full Validators experience played, and while we expected them to have learned a smoochy new song especially, we certainly didn't expect the bride to step up to the mic and sing a song she'd written especially. Wow. Read more from Mark's viewpoint. I feel I should have more to say about this day, but obviously with the Pimms and champagne flowing, I was in a bit of a wibbly state towards the end.

Long old trek back to Folkestone yesterday, the coach was alright (they run every ten mins, even on a sunday, that's not bad) the train was less so - there were no toilets on the train. This is a terrifying prospect for a two hour journey, I just about had time to go at the station though, while the train was evacuated because of a suspicious unattended bag. All clear though.

Went for a walk down to Sandgate when we got home last night, as it was so nice out.

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