More CAPTCHA fun

More CAPTCHA fun

Now you have to type in a number when you [reply]leave me a message[/reply], hope that's not too laborious for you... This is annoying, but the sites are getting targetted by monster spam bots that are automatically posting loads of comments with links to pharmaceutical sites. Let's see how this works out, it's been a good exercise anyway...

If you can't read the little number, then you could either wait ten minutes for another one to be published, or drop me an email...

Weekend, very nice, drove to Fareham to see family and friends, had a great big dinner, went to the pub (The Vanguard, a converted church, a new one on me), and came back loaded with gifts, smashing. Got a few more family history pointers, Dad if you are reading this, when you have time please plug some things into the new ged view thing1...

1. removed a link here to php gedcom viewer

php: Old programming language of the web, how I used to earn a wage.

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Mon Sep 25 2006

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