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I agree, darkmoonsider. I think it is inappropriate to 'feel sorry for' someone who has committed suicide. I do feel sorrow/care/concern for you and the other witnesses (who, I can promise, the young lady had no wish to hurt) and also for her family (my cousin and his wife and children).

I can understand a little of how shocking and how much of an affront it must have seemed to you and the other witnesses but you should understand that, unlike the motives of a suicide bomber, harm to other people was completely outside her perception at the time. So I am desperately sorry that you had to be a witness: nobody deserves that experience. I grieve, too, with her family who, I know, did all they could to help but were unable to touch her in the dark tunnel she was in where the reality of other people (and their feelings) became no more than graffiti or pictures on a wall.

Yes, please don't feel sorry for her. But neither should you feel sorry for yourself that her selfish act disturbed your life. When you can, I hope you will be able to forgive her. I don't know if you know the family but please share your pain with them, if you can. It helps to make up for the pain in a single mind that was spattered over everyone concerned when she fell.


💬 spattered?

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