Blog2003 ≫ Property prices falling in Stokey

This place1 (pictured2) is next door but one to us3, and as previously mentioned it's been up for sale for while... well now it's sold! It looks a lot nicer than ours, and the final price on the website when it was sold was 247,500, a seven and a half grand cut from the price this agent put it on at, but as it says "under offer" on the website, I'd guess it went for less than this... to my mind this is indesputable proof of a property price crash4!

The property is much nicer than our flat, it has a roof terrace leading out from the lounge overlooking Abney Park and everthing, so our place must be nearly worthless!

Here's hoping this little wobble has a knock on effect in the area I want to buy in. But not in the area where my cousin is renovating the bungalow, of course.


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