Blog2007 ≫ Day of SPORT

No, really a day of eating, in Canterbury

No, more likely day of EATING, with SPORT for dessert. Don't suppose we'll see any of the England v Estonia game today though you never know, we will be in Canterbury. There's some kind of food fair on in Dane John gardens1, which is near the bus station so we'll pop in there, then lunch at Wagamama.

The Food Festival will be held at Dane John Gardens in Canterbury, there will be over 30 stalls in the marketplace with a wide variety of food available to taste and buy. From game to apple juice, chocolate & fudge to jams & cakes there will be something for everyone. There is a large picnic area where people will be able to take a break and enjoy their purchases.

There will also be a marquee hosting a series of cookery demos, tastings and talks. The full programme will be published at from the 28th September. It includes showcases with local chef using local produce, a local chocolate maker and even a Thai food demonstration and tasting.

"Even" a Thai food demonstration! Whoever heard of such exotic foreignalia in a cultural backwater such as Kent! Actually, I mock, but I'm not sure when I've had Thai food out of London. Skuba in Folkestone does it as bar food, but it's not great, I understand their proper restaurant is better. not been for Thai food in Canterbury, as we always end up at Wagamama...

We will be back here (well, in Etchinghill) to see the rugby, cannot wait, whoever thought we'd get this far in this competition. We have the same team who won last week, but don't be getting your hopes up, keep on thinking of us as the outside chance underdogs, I think that's what carried us through last week. I'm quite looking forward just to seeing how intimidating Chabal will be, but even more to him leaving the pitch again, with his beard between his legs...

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