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Ended up going boozing Friday night and had dinner at Il Bacio where they got my order wrong for the first time - no complaints though, they rectified in super quick time.

Got down to Portchester for mid afternoon, it was like there was an international wind festival there, watched the rugby, said some hellos and headed to The Fareham to catch up with chums. Sunday saw nephew's sixth birthday bash at a bowling alley, then a fun four hour journey back home, and none of it was the fault of the 106.

The contract's not arrived yet, so no progress on the flat, but out of idle curiosity I found a better range of cheap Folkestone property on than I have anywhere else, and also learned there that Folkestone has lower than average rates of crime, apart from sex offences. Which is nice.

Saw Alistair Campbell this morning. Not spinning, but jogging.

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