Blog2004 ≫ Folkestone boudoir

So here's a pic of the new flat, the bedroom, as it is currently... Probably going to repaint it all white, but it looks quite nice as it is... got to replace those stainless steel curtain fittings, they're quite MANLY, and they go nicely with the thickness of the walls and the smallness of the windows, there's a real castley feel to this flat... This is one of the rooms that'll overlook [Vic Reeves](/wiki/#vic/reeves)' house I think, or at least the house he used to live in, where his wife possibly still lives... I think I forgot to mention that he was at [the Darkness](/wiki/#darkness) gig at [Leas Cliff Hall](/wiki/#leas/cliff/hall) on Sunday night, up on the balcony, showing off a bit when the spotlight was pointed at him. So, kind of hoping he still lives in the area, or is moving back to the area, it's good to have a local celebrity. Apart from Michael Howard of course.
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