Blog2010 ≫ Recommend someone to value our Folkestone flat for lettings?

Tried to track down Avenue, as they have valued it before, but failed.

Wondering about renting our flat out instead of selling it, anyone recommend a local lettings company?

I tried Avenue Lettings1, as one of the potential buyers apparently got them in to find out its rental potential, but have had no joy. Phoned them, they have no record of it and would not be interested in doing a flat in Shepway right now. I must have got through to the wrong company, but can't find who might be the right Avenue Lettings1 online.

The boy slept through last night, after three nights of disturbed sleep.

Watched another Lost. Too many new characters, there's no way they're going to resolve all of this series by the end of this series, let alone the whole lot.

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