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Another strike, and a record breaking Eurostar trip

Hey London tube travellers, Here's a song for you1. Only listen to it if you like lots and lots of swearing, and weak b3ta 2 style graphics over a tune you've heard before mind. I'm not really that arsed about the tube strike today as, HEY, I'm well out of London, but a good friend pointed out that striking over things including pensions these days only draws attention to the fact that you HAVE a pension, not so many people do these days. I just started a contributary one six months ago, far too late for it to be paying me out any significant amount of money ever. I'm going to have to rely on keeping my livers in good condition and selling one of them when the time comes.

In other transport news, COOL, Eurostar smashes a speed record, yes on the English side of the tracks. We will not actually ever be travelling by Eurostar from Folkestone to London, and in face things could start to get a bit less convenient down this way if they're really going to scrap services from Ashford to Paris, but faster tracks between here and London are part of the plan to reduce our commuting time. One BR employee told the wife this week it would be thirty something minutes from Folkestone to London. A mistake on his part, almost certainly, but if it goes down to an hour, that's nice.

I say "our" commuting times, I don't actually mean mine, obviously.

Hey I still haven't written up our trip to York yet.

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