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Yesterday I beat the wife! Yes, it was the completion of the second ever Clarke Cup, and it went all the way to the wire. Scrabble was mine, cards was Clare's, then pool was mine, then the darts went to Clare, so it's all down to the backgammon... I think it's entirely a game of chance, and I've not won yet, so it was about my turn, and those rolling bones done me proud. I have got a silverish tankard in the cupboard, I might get it engraved.

Cold again today, AND our train this morning was cancelled, not a good start to the day. Luckily there's another London train about five minutes later from Folkestone so we were fine, pity the poor people who live in Dover and Deal and places slightly further away.

Spent a fistful of money at the weekend, none of it mine though, that's good. Father in law bought a new laptop, and it's very nice too. I was struggling to explain to them that even though it had wireless built in, they wouldn't be able to just go online with it until they'd got broadband at home, and got a wireless router. So we thought there'd not be a lot to do with it at first (what did people use home computers for before the internet?), but switched it on anyway. Turns out there's an open wireless hotspot by their house that we picked up right away, stroke of luck. Must be one of the neighbours. No I'm not telling you the address.

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