Blog2006 ≫ Maidstone: GOOD

We went to Maidstone, and it was good. Fifty minute journey on the train to get there, with a change at Ashford, but worth going to. We had lunch in Pizza Express opposite Hazlitt Theatre, though there's quite a lot of other choice. Would be nice to go there drinking, if it wasn't for the long trek home again.

In the end we went drinking in Folkestone, first to the newly refurbished Happy Frenchman (too bright) and the Thistle and Shamrock and then on down to The Ship in the harbour, not the one in Sandgate. Much booze, very nice, sore head today.

Mustered the energy just about to watch the start of series three of Lost, no idea what's going on, though we saw some back story of Jack's and also of The Others...

Early night tonight, possibly, in preparation for an interview in London tomorrow.

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