Blog2005 ≫ A very moving experience

So that's it then, we have left Stokey for the last time, and I'm now a Kentish commuter... certainly time to change the title of the website, maybe I will go about changing the URL too.

Was physically tiring for me, as I am very weak, but luckily I have no heart and am dead inside, so I didn't find the whole thing as upsetting as Clare and flatmate Emma did. Special big cheers to my two box shifting buddies Dom and Dean for providing a bit of muscle, hiring the van, driving the van, writing the feem tune, singing the feem tune, etc.

Did the quiz in Chambers last night, just me Clare and Clare's mum, and we didn't do badly, though we didn't win.

Feels like I should have more to say as this is covering a whole weekend, but as ever I've forgotten things I'd like to say. Don't have any internets installed at home yet, services are arriving this week, so I can't write a bit here and a bit there... This morning's commute in was fine, up at 7am, on the 7.47 from Folkestone Central. Got a seat obviously, though it was one of the rattly old trains. It's standing room only on that service by the time you get to the real commuter towns like Tonbridge and Sevenoaks. I am a PROPER commuter now, with a season ticket and everything. THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE POUNDS for a month, which is quite a chunk of money. Been justifying it to myself though, and as this covers an all zone travelcard too, and replaces my regular weekend return tickets too it's not that bad. Cheaper than London rent and bills anyway. Do I sound like I've convinced myself yet?

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