Blog2009 ≫ Gurkha palace RULES

At there last night, heartily recommended

Glad we went there last night, very nice meal indeed. Can't believe in all the time we've lived here I've not been before, as it's [gmap=Enbrook Valley, Folkestone]so close[/gmap]. It's Nepalese, but with all the Gurkha news recently you probably knew that was where the Gurkhas come from. They do have some traditional English curry names on the menu, but they're tucked away a bit and rightly so. Can't entirely remember the names of the dishes we had but with a bit of help from their online menu1, I know for start we had vegetable khaja and (missing from that menu) vegetable pakoda. The khaja were excellent, thought they might be like samosa but they were rolled up a bit like a spring roll.

They have a range of main, see the menu again, and it does say "vegan options are available", please see a member of staff. Member of staff I spoke to did offer me chicken or lamb, but I settled on a range of sides, all of which were ace! One mostly aubergine, one mostly spinach and one mostly potato, plus rice. Clare had a VERY hot chicken dish, marked on the menu with two chillis possibly the tarai kukhura2). We will obviously be convincing someone to order the three chilli dish when we go back, maybe next weekend.

All came to about 30 quid, with poppadoms, a beer, and a fizzy water. As I say, definitely going back soon.


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