Blog2009 ≫ Maybe I'll make it to the NEXT Frog and Frigate reunion...

Stayed in Fareham instead, had a great night

Started to panic about the night out down The Frog. I would be leaving Clare and the boy for a long time, and be too far away from them and not able to get back in a hurry. Thought just staying in Fareham would be the better option and I'd be home earlier. A mistake. Started in The Fareham with Andy1, then on to Indian Cottage where we met Dave2 and Bunsen, then on to Clinkers where we thought it was rock night. It wasn't, rock night is Saturday, it felt like a Saturday and that confused me. It was 80's night instead, which meant shots for 80p, really should have avoided them. Then on to the Wetherspoons, for ale and more shots, got really very drunk, and ended up getting home quite late. Not really clear on the walk home, slightly in the dog house...

STRAIGHT BACK TO THE PUB today. Not drinking though, had lunch with all the family in Port Solent, very nice! Then a boiling drive back to Folkestone. So hot we had to have the windows open all the way, made for a noisy journey. The boy was really upset with the heat, so had to pull into the first petrol station and try and cool him down, Clare ended up sitting in the back seat to try and keep him happy. A good run home, amazingly did not even slow down at notorious slow spot Hindhead, normally this is a good solid half hour hold up at least, but the road was entirely clear going our way. Saw a monster tailback on the M20 coming the other way, apparently a lorry had turned over earlier. Wreckage was gone but road still closed. Lots of police in attendance, including a helicopter. Felt sorry for the people tailing back for miles.

Home now, had tea, the boy is bathed and in bed and we're going to watch some Glastonbury.

UPDATE: Found out much later that we ended the night in Chicago Rock. I don't remember.

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