Blog2004 ≫ Bar 98

Went into Bar 98 at last, for lunch yesterday - it's an impressive looking place, and much bigger inside than it looks from the street, as it's a wedge shaped building, and the basement cocktail bar is somehow much wider than the upstairs. Our vege all day breakfasts were great, not huge portions, but very nicely done, it's a right stylish place. The half pound creole burger looked the best value, and the vegetable fajitas were tasty. It's all done to a very high spec inside, but it doesn't look like they're likely to do any real ales, it's all wines and champagnes. This is the sort of place that Folkestone could do with really.

Also noticed that The Tup is changing it's name back to the Red Lion, though from the sign it looks like they're already planning to shorten it to just The Lion. I guess this means that it was sold when the old owners bought The Prince, so hopefully it'll be an interesting boozer too, and action will not be deserting Church Street... We also went in the Prince on Friday, and it seemed very quiet indeed. It's a nice place, I wonder if they'll reinstate the dining, as that's what it was known for. The Tup has recently not served any food at all, though they will order in takeaway for you, it'll be odd if the Prince takes this slightly downmarket route.

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