Lone Star Comedy Saturday 1st November

FG ≫ 2008 ≫ Lone Star Comedy Saturday 1st November

The Lone Star Comedy Club returns to the Tower Theatre on North Road at Shorncliffe Garrsion in Cheriton on Saturday November 1st

The line up consists of Quincy, Ed Aczel, compere David Whitney, plus a newcomers act.


Quincy is a remarkable comedian, who is creative and inspirational throughout all his performances. Using his skills and experience he unequivocally grips every member of the audience with laughter.

"Quincy's one of those effortlessly affable comics with the presence and bonhomie to guarantee an enjoyable diversion", Chortle

"Big personality", City Lights

"A bold act that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser", City Lights

"Effortlessly affable ", Chortle

"An act to watch out for", Time Out

Ed Aczel

Edward Aczel is an unforgettable performer. He has no jokes, reads the topic titles from the back of his hand and has all the delivery skills of the chief accountant awkwardly making a staff announcement.

Yet he is brilliantly funny - and there is absolutely no reason why he should be, other than the sheer subversion of the idea of a comedian being a confident, strong personality reeling off sharp jokes.

Instead he catalogues what he's about to talk about, then offers vacuous, non-committal platitudes on each of them. Example: "What can you say about the Spanish Armada? I'm not 100 per cent sure..."

It is impossible to explain, but he can reduce a room to hysterics.

His set is unlike anything you have ever seen, and worth catching for that alone.

David Whitney

Aberdonian posh-boy David Whitney is a graduate of the Mitch Benn school of delivery; a powerful baritone who hectors the audience into listening by sheer force of conviction. It's very theatrical and demonstrably effective.

I saw him at Jongleurs and he ripped the roof off review on Chortle

I LOVE this guy: he's the next Al Murray review on Chortle

Editors Note this will be a full on traditional stand up night with some strong language and controversial topics except for Ed who is just plain bizarre!

The home of FHODS, the Tower Theatre is currently the towns best-kept secret and is the old Garrison Church at the Shorncliffe barracks there is a full bar service.

Dont be put off making the effort theres ample FREE parking and you'll love it when you get there! Take a look at the website towertheatrefolkestone.co.uk1 for a map and further details.

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