Blog2009 ≫ We have snow today

Expecting more overnight... Our back garden, through the lounge window: [flickr][/flickr]

Oh and while I'm posting pictures, here's the wife's belly! [flickr][/flickr]

Pretty exciting, we're getting close now, less than four months to go. Of course we're not at all prepared, not actually having a new house yet, but we do have a nice place to live right now, we have a buggy to move the baby around, and we even bought some nappies today. Do you think that will do it? I ordered a new camera today, so we'll be able to share proper pictures of the little feller when he arrives (no birth shots though, I promise), and we have some clothes to put him in, and a cupboard and some drawers to put his clothes in when he's not wearing them. We have a cot for him to sleep in, though it's not actually here at the flat and I've not seen it all in one piece, but I'm happy that things are going to work out OK, everything will fall into place come the day.

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