Blog2009 ≫ Lionel Richie meet and greet!

Make sure you ask him \"why the long face?\"

Nice to see something say "meet and greet" and it not be about airport parking for a change. BUY THESE TICKETS, barely half a grand, what a bargain!

MEET & GREET PACKAGE (Hospitality & Private Meet with Lionel Richie)

Specially selected three-course dinner or luxury buffet, served to guests in the official VIP area, before the show

Complimentary bar providing a selection of quality wines, beers and soft drinks

One hour after show chill out in the VIP area with private cash bar

Merchandise gift

Collectible Event laminate

Event management support staff

Price 450 GBP + VAT per person Click here for More Information. Packages are sold by Ticketmaster on behalf of Event Travel Ltd (Terms and Conditions apply).

Prices shown are Per Person. Please note we cannot confirm seat location at the time of booking.

Get Lionel Richie tickets here1...

Haven't done one of these for ages! Haven't left you much time to get in have I?

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