Blog2005 ≫ The wrong carriage!

We're starting to get into a proper Reggie Perrin1 routine in the mornings now, saying the same things at the same time. We're doing it IRONICALLY, I promise. Anyway, this morning there really did seem to be more commuters waiting on the platform at Folkestone Central. Was thinking of counting up the number of people and drawing a graph over time, that would maybe be too dull even for me.

We've got to figure out a good place to sit, why don't they have quiet carriages on commuter trains? Today we were surrounded by a group of chums who liked to chat and laugh and so I killed them all. Forgot my IPOD too so couldn't even blot them out. Seriously it was like being stuck in a lift with Steve Wright's possee.

Made my own sammidges again today, hummus, tomato and baco's, and in an attempt to make them last (I'm starving now and it's still morning) I made them out of frozen bread - brilliant, I can't eat them until they've defrosted! Hopefully will help them to keep their shape too, yesterday's got a bit bashed up in my school bag.

Here's the new haircut and the old haircut2...

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