The wrong carriage!

The wrong carriage!

We're starting to get into a proper Reggie Perrin routine in the mornings now, saying the same things at the same time. We're doing it IRONICALLY, I promise. Anyway, this morning there really did seem to be more commuters waiting on the platform at Folkestone Central. Was thinking of counting up the number of people and drawing a graph over time, that would maybe be too dull even for me.

We've got to figure out a good place to sit, why don't they have quiet carriages on commuter trains? Today we were surrounded by a group of chums who liked to chat and laugh and so I killed them all. Forgot my IPOD too so couldn't even blot them out. Seriously it was like being stuck in a lift with Steve Wright's possee.

Made my own sammidges again today, hummus, tomato and baco's, and in an attempt to make them last (I'm starving now and it's still morning) I made them out of frozen bread - brilliant, I can't eat them until they've defrosted! Hopefully will help them to keep their shape too, yesterday's got a bit bashed up in my school bag.

Here's the new haircut and the old haircut1...

  1. originally some joke in here about me looking like Bill Bailey and then looking like Jeff Goldblum

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