Blog2003 ≫ Fig Cafe RIP

AARGH, can't believe it, got down to Folkestone only to find the Fig Cafe has been closed! We're not sure if it's permanent or just for refitting of its host the Metropole1. Could well imagine it going out of business, seemed a bit niche, but we loved it. And had decided to eat there at every opportunity.

Went to La Parisienne (AKA Bonkers) last night, it was truly shite, 8 quid to get in and a fiver for a beer too. Went to the Harp Club the night before on the other hand, and it was ace and metal, really dirty pint in there though, there's something just not right when a pint of bitter smells like cider. Saw a band called Suffer My Desire in there, again very metal, a bit like Pantera, very powerful four piece, worth seeing again. Also went in Wetherspoons, as usual full of punters on the edge of underagedness, who all look a bit punchy, but the prices make up for it, and also Skuba, which was crap. Looked like a nice terrace outside, in a nice location, but it's a bar rather than a pub. Liking, I like pub review sites.

Going back to Folkestone at the weekend for the Air Show, and to walk the sunny streets looking at houses that I CAN afford, it's so different to London...

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