Blog2009 ≫ Hevy fest: GOOD

rest of weekend also good

Went to that festival in Folkestone on Saturday, official review here. Good as a freebie, would have been a lot better if the weather had played fair. NICE to be at a festival watching a band in the rain (stay with me) and then to be walking back to the flat after and not squishing around looking for a tent. You may have seen my semi-drunken twitterings from the event itself1, thought I was definitely not squiffy at all but maybe that pear cider is more potent than it first appears...

Tried to take some pics during the gig, they never come out well though do they... will report back with the best of them.

Rest of the weekend was ace, family visiting, bringing presents! Went to Brockhill Park which was good and had food in the cafe there again which was very good.

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