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The Darkness are doing a Carling Homecoming gig at London Astoria on the 11th of November... stay tuned here for a chance to win tickets, or if you want an extra chance check out - they are giving away 200 pairs.

Don't apply for them if you've no intention of going as I would hope they'd be non transferrable like the AC/DC ones were, so you'll have no chance of selling them on Ebay, or of even passing them on to a mate.

The band have rescheduled their Portsmouth and Folkestone dates to 7th and 8th of February, they're both still sold out though... you have to travel slightly further afield to be sure of seeing them - the band are touring the USA and Japan before returning to the UK for their Elf Hazard tour at Christmas, see for details...

Also while I'm here, remember there are some hot things at the Barfly this weekend, The Queens Of Noize have special live guests Relaxed Muscle at their Halloween party tomorrow, and Transmission have very very special guest DJ Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction there on Saturday night... see or for more info...

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Thu Oct 30 2003

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