Blog2006 ≫ Obligatory world cup post

World cup, a bit of a tense game, we just about got there in the end. There are some bad people out there:

An internet company which sold fake World Cup tickets to children may have made more than 60,000 in the scam.

Nearly 400 schoolchildren from across the UK were told they had tickets as part of a 410-a-head tour to Germany.

Saw that yesterday on TV, a school in Portsmouth got whupped by it, but apparenly Portsmouth FC have guaranteed them tickets and paid for their return nice!

And in more of yesterday's news today, oh dear Lister, crack cocaine is one thing, but a chauffeur driven Skoda?

Hmm, what about me, and my life? Nothing to report today except Happy Birthday Mum. The office is quiet (almost too damned quiet), could be post football hangovers.

Done some more playing with Picasa, and it's great that using it to add descriptions and tags it updates the actual EXIF data within the image, so wherever I transfer the image too in future it'll always maintain my description, my tags, and the latitude / longitude I assigned to the pic. I had been adding this info only in and was a bit bothered that if I moved my pics away from there I'd lose all that meta-data. Now, what to do with the 2000+ pictures I already uploaded?


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