Blog2006 ≫ We don't really go out any more

Another smashing weekend, is it time for the next one yet? Saturday I played with the computer most of the day. Had no joy fitting the old big hard drive full of MP3s into the new computer, all the technology is different, the drive is SATA now so I'm probably going to get an external drive case like this one1. I've transferred everything over to the new PC and basically filled the hard drive up, so I'd better get on with it. Bit annoyed that I lost all the ratings and play count from itunes by moving to another PC, those are not stored in the ID3 tags (how things like artist name etc are stored in an MP3). All the genre info is OK though, I was a bit worried that itunes would have it's own way of handling that too...

Mostly for Dad, as I said that we hardly go out any more, here are a list of the pubs we went to on Saturday night, just Clare and I. We thought we'd do a bit of a crawl, see what's going on in the town, in the pubs we don't usually go to. We started off in The Office, maybe we were too early, but it was dead. Good that it was quiet enough to get a table outside, but it wasn't really warm enough for that. I was planning on doing a bit of a video diary of our night out, but the battery on the camera died within minutes of our evening starting, bah. On to La Vue, just for a look, and we hit our first power cut of the evening - all power was out on the block, so no service, so we walked down Remembrance Hill to the harbour. First we went into the Princess Royal, which is recently refitted, still has no beers, AND, they had no limes for our Coronas - probably wouldn't have ordered that if we'd known, I'm not sure I'll go there again. The decor is nice, but there's too many other pubs around to let that be a factor. Next onto The Ship, this place is odd, but nice, there was a guitar duo playing, and I got my first pint of beer of the evening. Then, second power cut of the night, though we had full pints, so we just sat down in the dark and waited it out. We stayed here for a couple of drinks, then headed up to Chambers, which we really don't go in as much as people think. It was rubbish house disco music night in there, so very quiet in terms of bums on seats. They closed early I think, so we headed home.

Enjoyed the football yesterday, particularly the Portugal / Holland game - were you not hoping the game would go into extra time, to give the ref the opportunity to send EVERYONE off? Also, got a free lunch, which was nice, and I have leftover nut loaf in a sandwich today. I am starving right now, and it's calling my name.

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