Blog2005 ≫ Folkestone and Stokey in the same Guardian column?

The Guardian's Backbencher column today has a mention for Stoke Newington's own 73 and the fact that the reality TV winning political candidate has announced his intention to stand against Michael Howard in Folkestone. More on voterodders.org1. With all the free publicity he could probably get in somewhere, frightening. It's like pop idol but real, can anything be done?

Our replacement of Angel series two disk 3 still didn't work, so taking it to Folkestone for the weekend to watch it there...

Ew, Queen tickets go on sale in the morning. Only Brian May2 and Roger Taylor3, John Deacon4 has better sense (I met him once you know, at a Pobitch5 party), and Paul Rodgers of Free is replacing Fred. Blee, you might as well go and see We Will Rock You. Dates here, from 10am Saturday. But still don't do it.

How smart is this6? It's the life story of the guy who makes the minipops pictures, but with BRANCHES. What if he didn't go to uni? You probably don't know him but it's an interesting idea. Seen any rip offs of this yet?

On the subject of art projects the wacky Old Street pranks I mentioned before are still in place, but getting gross now. The milk bottles on the breakfast table laid out on top of a bus stop have gone really rotten, and for some reason the whole things' not been washed away by the weather. Next time, whoever you are, use white paint instead of milk, please. Hmm, I have a picture of this on my phone I think, but I rarely take pics off the phone again...

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